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Custom Made Orthotics in Milton

"What are custom made orthotics and will they help with my foot pain?" That is the question most of our patients ask us when they come to our foot clinic in Milton. Many people hear about custom orthotics or insoles, but are not really sure what they are and how they work. There are basically 2 different types:

  • Pre-fabricated orthotics that can be found at many stores and pharmacies
  • And then there are custom made orthotics, which are custom made for an individual to address a specific issue.

I am going to discuss the difference between both and how to determine whether one needs orthotics.  

I am a chiropodist /foot specialist (or "foot doctor" as some people refer to us as) at Ontario Foot & Orthotics. We are a foot clinic located in Milton. We specialize in foot care and custom made orthotics. What can you expect when you come to our foot clinic for an assessment? First, it depends on what the issue is. When a patient comes to our foot clinic in Milton, they will see one of our chiropodists / foot specialists who will take a detailed history of what the issue is and will then complete an assessment followed by the necessary treatment.

Pre-fabricated Orthotics

First let us define what pre-fabricated orthotics are. Pre-fabricated orthotics are insoles that are made from a pre-fabricated mold and is not specific to an individual’s foot type. They are used mostly for extra support and cushioning, but do not address specific concerns. These insoles are generic and can be found at most shoe stores and pharmacies. They do not offer as much support as a custom made insole.

custom made orthotic

Next, let us define what a custom made orthotic or insole is and why they are better then pre-fabricated insoles. Custom made orthotics/insoles are a corrective device that is used to support and correct the foot in a functional or accommodative manner. It is a device that is placed in your shoes and helps correct biomechanical issues that may be occurring. The orthotics can be prescribed to fit many different styles of shoes such as athletic shoes, dress shoes, safety shoes, and also hockey skates, soccer shoes, etc.

Functional orthotics can restrict or assist movement of the foot in a specific direction and help redistribute pressure in the foot to avoid excessive pressure on certain weight bearing areas such as the balls of the feet, the arch, and the heel. The orthotics also helps change the alignment of the body to help reduce discomfort and pain in the ankle, knees, and lower back.