Custom Orthopaedic Footwear

Some of the most annoying pain is when you have a blister or an ingrown toe nail and it’s rubbing against the inside of your shoes. You might try to bandage the wound or the sore, maybe wrap it with gauze, but eventually it’s going to start rubbing and hurting again. This might be a great time to visit Ontario Foot and Orthotics. They are a family friendly clinic in Milton that can help you with all of your orthotic needs. One of the main reasons to visit them is for your custom orthopaedic shoes. These shoes will help to make your feet feel better regardless of the pain or ailment they may be experiencing.

There are many ailments and sores that can affect your feet such as:

  • Painful calluses
  • Corns
  • Pressure sores/ulcers due to diabetes
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • High arches
  • Posture problems due to leg length differences

These can all become nuisances if you have regular shoes. If you go to the chiropodists in Milton, you can change the circumstances for your feet.

A great misconception is that you have to be a senior to get orthopaedic shoes. This is entirely false as you can get orthopaedic footwear no matter how old you are. The Orthopaedic shoes available at our Milton clinic can help your feet at any age and for all problems with your feet. They have many great benefits such as:

  • Offer additional customized protection for your feet, especially when there is a sore, callus or pain.
  • Help to alleviate pain from your feet the more that you wear them.
  • Great for anyone that suffers from pain in their feet from standing for too long.
  • Improve the blood flow and provide support to the arches and the heels of your feet.

These are some of the many benefits to owning and wearing custom made orthopaedic shoes. Your feet are two of the most important parts of your body and deserve the best care possible. Take the time to go to your nearest orthotic clinic in Milton and get a pair for yourself. The staff there will help you get the best orthoapedic custom shoes to not only help with whatever ailment your feet may be having, but with the support that your feet need on a daily basis. Remember that it doesn’t matter what age you are, it matters how comfortable and healthy your feet are.

Chiropodist Milton – What are bunions and how can they be treated?

A bunion (also know as hallux abducto valgus) is a condition that affects the bones and joints of the great toe. It appears as a bony prominence on the inside margin of your forefoot, which can get red, swollen and painful. There are 4 stages to a bunion; which range from being a mild deviation of the great toe (stage 1) to a complete dislocation of the joint (stage 4). This can also cause overlapping of the second toe on to the first toe.

Bunions are a common problem; roughly thirty percent of the population suffers from bunions. Bunions arise due to abnormal foot function, leading to a gradual dislocation of the joint. They can also relate to heredity, different forms of arthritis, narrow-toed shoes and high heels and other foot-related problems. Bunions can also occur on the small toe side, commonly called a bunionette or a tailor’s bunion. Either way, they often worsen and may require surgery, unless you take action.

Simple ways to reduce the pain is by applying a cold pack to the area a few times a day to help reduce swelling and inflammation. Some people choose to use anti-inflammatory medication to help with the pain. Choosing shoes with heels between 1-2 inches in height helps, as well as wider fitting shoes. Any shoe or slipper lacking proper support can aggravate bunions. The best course of action to resolve the problem that is causing the deformation is to visit your foot care specialist. A qualified chiropodist will assess your particular situation and make corrective suggestions. Some common suggestions from a chiropodist include proper fitting footwear to alleviate pressure, bunion shield pads, bunion night splints or custom made orthotics, which helps stabilize the foot and minimizes stress on the affected joints. To arrange an assessment, contact Ontario Foot & Orthotics at one of our two locations: 519-623-3000 in Cambridge or 905-878-6479 in Milton. You can also visit us at

Custom Shoes Cambridge: If the shoe fits…it’s probably a custom orthotic

Oh, the joy of walking through the warm summer air. Birds chirping, sun shining on your skin and of course, sore feet because you can never find a pair of shoes that seem to fit comfortably. For some people the search for a new pair of shoes can be difficult and painful and it isn’t your fault. Many individuals are born with or develop feet that require specialized attention to make sure they are getting the support they need.

Pre-packaged orthotics are not an adequate solution, how could they be? Your feet are unique and what supports them should be as well. If you seem to have constant pain in your feet or back then custom orthotics might be a great option for you. Ontario Foot and Orthotics is a well-connected leader in analyzing your feet and gait to determine the right orthotic solution.

The days of the giant ugly brown shoe that some think of when they visualize orthotics are over and you might be surprised at the great brand names and styles that can be provided.  Birkenstock, Clark, Rockport and many others are available through Ontario Foot and Orthotics. You can even replace your painful pair of unsupportive flip-flops with comfortable and healthy sandals made by Ortho-heel, Birkenstock Bio-time and Ortho-feet.

Many people also suffer from chronic injuries or wounds on their feet and there are solutions for them as well at Ontario Foot and Orthotics. The experienced Chiropodists here are certified in complex wound care through the Canadian Association of Wound Care and are happy to provide offloading devices that will keep you comfortable and mobile during your recovery.

Call Ontario Foot and Orthotics at 519-623-3000 in Cambridge or 905-878-6479 in Milton or visit for more info.