What are Compression Stockings and How Can They Help Me?

Compression stockings or socks are specialized hosiery that is designed to help prevent the occurrence of venous disorders such as swelling, varicose veins, tired aching legs, and clotting.  It also guards against further progression of venous disorders.

Compression stockings or socks are elastic garments that are worn around the leg and compresses the limb, which creates pressure against the legs.  This causes an increase in venous blood flow.  By helping to decrease venous pressure, compression therapy will help relieve tired and aching legs.

Compression stockings are tightest around the ankles and become less constrictive around the knees and thighs.  The type of compression therapy will be dependent on where the swelling and aching is occurring.  The garment can go up to the knee, or extend to the thigh and even as panty hose up to the waist.  There are also various degrees of compression that are available.  Based on your symptoms, your doctor can help determine the amount of compression necessary.

Those who are on their feet all day, or who travel a lot for work can benefit from compression therapy.  They will help reduce swelling and keep the blood flowing at a constant gradient.   To find out more information regarding compression therapy and whether it is right for you, call us at 519-623-3000 in Cambridge or 905-878-6479 in Milton or visit www.ontariofoot.ca.