Benefits of MedX Laser Therapy in Foot Pain

Every decade or two, a new therapy comes to light that has a profound impact on treatment success.  In today’s health care setting, one of the most challenging and increasing components of treatment is pain management.  Pain can have a debilitating effect on the enjoyment of your day-to-day activities, your mood and energy overall.  Pain management has mostly been the realm of medications which often lead to undesired side effects.  However, there are new and effective options to not just reduce pain, but also to promote actual healing of damaged tissues in a way that does not carry unwanted side effects.

The MedX laser therapy device is the culmination of decades of medical research and certainly falls into the category of treatments that can have a transformative effect on improving patient care.  Studies by NASA researchers found that human tissues repair themselves up to 40% faster with the use of laser phototherapy.

Benefits of the MedX Laser:

  • Safe to use with no burning or unpleasant sensations
  • Reduces pain
  • Activates the healing process in your tissues
  • Penetrates your skin as deep as four inches to promote healing and pain relief
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling (edema)
  • Treatments take only 10-15 minutes

In the area of foot care, the MedX laser is appropriate to help in the treatment of many foot ailments: arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, sports injuries, wounds and ulcers, diabetic feet, bunions and many other acute and chronic conditions of the foot.

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Milton Orthotics – Qualities Of A Good Shoe

There are many shoe manufacturers and many stores, particularly discount stores.  This has led to a large variety of shoes and also a large variety in the quality of the shoes.  Since the feet serve as the foundation of the structural support of your body, it is important to select quality shoes.  Below are some tips in selecting a good shoe.

What makes a good shoe?

  • Flexible in the right places – the front end of the sole must be soft and should flex to correspond to how your toes flex.  Two tips in selecting a good shoe is to make sure the front third of the shoe bends easily (not the rear two-thirds), and secondly, try to twist the shoe (holding the front and back parts of the shoe) by rotating your hands in opposite directions – a good shoe should not twist very much or very easily.
  • Room for the toes – in regular walking your toes naturally spread out.  Make sure when you try on a shoe, it has some ‘wiggle room’ for your toes.  This will prevent hard calluses from forming and reducing the chance of developing bunions and foot discomforts and pain overall.
  • Mind your arches – the shoe you purchase should either have an interchangeable inner sole, or you should purchase the shoe according to the type of arch you have.  There are three main categories of the arch:
  1. Neutral arch – these require firm midsoles and straight to semi-curved ‘lasts’ (‘last’ is the shape of the sole).
  2. Low-arch or ‘flat feet’ – select a shoe with a straight last and motion control to help stabilize your feet.
  3. High arch – get a shoe that provides cushioning to assist with shock absorption; a curved last also can help.

If you are still not sure and want professional advice on your feet and shoe selection, visit a chiropodist, your foot care specialist.

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