Are you a Runner? Here are some tips.

As the weather gets better, more people are starting to get active.  One of the most common activities includes jogging or running.  Although jogging and running are great forms of exercise, they can cause certain injuries or problems to the feet.

The most common foot problems associated with jogging or running are blisters, corns, calluses, athlete’s foot, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.  Ankle sprains are also common to runners and joggers, especially if the right footwear is not worn.   Below are some important preventative foot care tips for runners:

  • Make sure to wear the right shoes.  Go to a shoe store that specializes in shoes for running so the right shoe for your foot type can be recommended.
  • Make sure your shoes fit properly. Bring your orthotics (custom insoles) when shopping and make sure they fit the shoes you are considering purchasing.
  • Keep your feet and shoes powdered as this will absorb moisture and reduce friction.
  • Wear clean socks every time you run.
  • Let your body be your guide so you don’t strain your feet or joints; don’t try to run through pain.  Shoes should provide cushioning for shock absorption.
  • Prevent Achilles tendonitis by always stretching your lower leg muscles before and after every workout.
  • Wear shoes made out of breathable materials such as canvas or leather with a mesh toe box.

It is inevitable for runners to get injured, so have your chiropodist assess your feet to guide you to choose the right foot care regimen, give you tips on preventing injuries and guide you to help handle foot-related injuries.

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Corns & Callus Treatment – Lose The Sock Tan

Lots of people love to get out in the warm weather and show off their feet to the world but for many of us, the perennial sock-tan line exists for a reason. Those who have neglected proper care of their feet can benefit from a good pedicure but for many of us the line between a cosmetic problem and a genuine health worry was crossed long ago. Corns, calluses, warts and nail infections are more common than you might think but there is a pretty easy solution. There is no reason to continue hiding your foot’s inner beauty from the world and you can start walking down that path with confidence by taking a trip to Ontario Foot and Orthotics.

Calluses and corns are two related issues. A callus is an accumulation of thickened skin that can develop on pressure point areas of the body. Usually caused by poorly designed shoes or particular foot shapes, a callus is unsightly and can quickly develop into its painful cousin, the corn. Corns usually develop out of calluses and form into a cone shape that feels like a painful pebble in your foot. The corn actually has a root-like structure so it does take professional care to remove them. Ontario Foot and Orthotics can remove the callus and the corn as well as recommend proper footwear to prevent them from developing again.

Warts can look similar to corns in appearance but their causes are quite different. A wart is the result of a viral infection, usually contracted through direct contact with vulnerable skin on your feet. There are over-the-counter treatments available at most pharmacies but if you are looking for a quick solution then Ontario Foot and Orthotics is the place to go. We provide a much more aggressive treatment option that removes the wart quickly and prevents it from spreading. We also offer quick treatments for nail infections and offer follow-up consultations to make sure the infection does not return.

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